Too often, people are willing to romanticise cannabis

12 Jun 2013
Growing numbers of cannabis users are needing hospital treatment for ‘mental disorders’ after smoking super-strength skunk, drugs campaigners warned last night.

In just three years, the number admitted for treatment has increased by 50 per cent.

Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s shadow public health minister has warned of the risk posed by hard skunk on British streets:
‘These figures are really concerning. I think that too often, people are willing to romanticise cannabis. What we’re seeing on our streets is often skunk - many times more powerful than the cannabis which today’s ageing baby-boomers smoked in college. These figures show that skunk is creating big problems in Britain.

‘The government’s lack of focus and interest in this issue, and the way they have abolished the National Treatment Agency, means that many of these problems may get even worse.

‘Evidence of the damage to mental health caused by cannabis use - from loss of concentration to paranoia, aggressiveness and outright psychosis - is mounting and cannot be ignored. We need to give out an uncompromising warning about the links between skunk and mental illness.’


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