Diane calls for timetable for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

20 Jul 2010

Diane has called for a timetable to bring troops back from Afghanistan.

Diane said:

“I have visited Afghanistan and soldiers that have been there on numerous tours of duty have told me that we are now referred to as an army of occupation.

No Western army has won an army of occupation in Afghanistan for two centuries.

The terrain makes it impossible for invaders to prevail against a determined Afghan resistance.

Not only have we not brought peace to Afghanistan, but the opium trade is at record levels.

The army is corrupt as are the police. It may be that there is a need for a peacekeeping force in Afghanistan but this should be a UN force ideally led by Muslim troops.

The Afghan people are suffering. The rate at which British troops in Afghanistan have been killed has nearly doubled in recent months and is proportionately far higher than our American counterparts. Our troops are enduring a horrifyingly high level of mutilation.

So I believe the time has come to set timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

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