Air Passenger Duty is also a tremendous issue in the Caribbean

31 Oct 2013
The UK has the highest rate of Air Passenger Duty in the world.  According to a recent PWC report, abolishing this duty could permanently boost the UK economy, increasing GDP by around £16 billion between 2013 – 2015.
MP Diane Abbott highlights the 'tremendous' burden of Air Passenger Duty, not just for the domestic economy, but for Caribbean economy as well.

 ‘Air Passenger Duty is a tremendous issue for the Caribbean. Due to the arbitrary way in which it has been zoned, people are paying more APD to go to the Caribbean than to go to North America or other more travelled destinations’.
'Does not this point to the need for a more holistic look at APD and its effects, not only for the domestic economy, but for the traditional allies of Britain in the Caribbean?'

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