Did Lynton Crosby have any input David Cameron's decision to scrap plans for standardised cigarette packaging?

12 Jul 2013
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s shadow public health minister, condemns the government’s decision to u-turn on standardised packaging

'The Tories used to say there were in favour of this policy, that children should be protected. But now, not long after employing Lynton Crosby, a strategist linked to lobbying in the tobacco industry, David Cameron is backing down.

'People will rightly wonder if the Government is breaking its promise, despite the medical evidence and the wishes of British families in order to please its friends in big business. David Cameron needs to explain why he's doing it, when he decided, whether Lynton Crosby had any input into the decision, and whether he was aware of Lynton Crosby's alleged business interests when he appointed him.'


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