David Cameron is too close to web giants to make a difference on child abuse images

10 Jun 2013
Diane Abbott MP warns that David Cameron is too close to web giants and big business to make a difference on child abuse images, ahead of a Policy Exchange seminar on tackling the problem:
‘How much extreme hardcore adult pornography that is available at the click of a mouse these days is reaching crisis levels. We’ve got to put parents back in control, and let open-minded family values shine through in our society. We need a comprehensive plan to put families first.’

‘It is deeply disturbing that the government is still refusing to act on these issues. Parents and schools are desperate for action. I believe that parents should be given information and support to educate their children about the issues. And we must make it easier for parents to block adult and age-restricted material across all media. And yet the government is continuing to reject this proposal to empower parents, improve sex education or to do anything about these web giants who are letting it all happen. David Cameron has cosied up so closely to these web giants that they are calling the shots.’


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