We must challenge any normalisation of sexism on university campuses

25 Feb 2013
Diane Abbott, Labour’s Shadow Public Health Minister, calls on the government and universities to tackle the normalisation of sexism on campuses, following the NUS research on ‘lad culture’:

Diane Abbott MP said:

‘It is important that the government and universities listen to what students are saying, and challenge any normalisation of sexism on university campuses. This isn’t about being killjoys, but about building a society where people can learn and thrive free from shame, harassment and abuse.

‘I think what we’re seeing is a crisis of masculinity, with a lot of our young men feeling lost, in terms of their roles in life. To me, this research reveals a glimpse of a world without respect, warmth or boundaries, and where groups of people are being marginalised and degraded. We’ve got to question and understand how things have ended up like this.’


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