North East London Cancer Network staff cut by 61%

14 Dec 2012
North East London Cancer Network staff cut by 61%

A survey of all Cancer Networks in England, published today by Labour, reveals deep budget and staffing cuts.

Despite Ministers’ repeated promises that funding for these vital groups of experts would be protected, figures released show:

• In North East London our local cancer network lost 13 Whole Time Equivalents members of staff; 61% of their workforce.
• The network has also seen its budget cut by 19% since 2009/10
• The Government’s NHS reorganisation is causing huge uncertainty and confusion about the future of cancer networks – destabilising the crucial services and support they provide.

Reduced funding and upheaval in the NHS is forcing many of these groups of local specialists to cut their workforce, reduce existing and future projects to improve patient care, and reject additional grants from charities as they are unable to make commitments into 2013/14.

Across England, Cancer Network budgets have been cut on average by over a quarter since 2009/10, and their staff by a fifth in the same period.

Diane Abbott Member of Parliament for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, and shadow public health minister said:

“Today across this part of London we can see yet another broken promise from the Tory-Led government on the NHS.

“Over the time we were in Government, Labour delivered fantastic improvements in the treatment of cancer patients, and the work of local Cancer Networks has been key to this achievement. Yet despite Ministers’ assurances they would protect local cancer experts, we can see that funding for the North East London Cancer Network has fallen by 19% over the last 4 years, and their staff has been cut by 61%.

“As a result of David Cameron’s unnecessary structural reorganisation of the NHS, these crucial networks are being cut, their future is now uncertain, and it’s patients in Hackney that will pay the price of the Government’s failure.”

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