We're seeing the start of a national patient care crisis

23 Nov 2012
Diane Abbott warns of a national ‘patient care crisis’ as health watchdog is forced to take action against a hospital trust which performed a surgery on the wrong patient.

Within a month, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust performed four botched surgeries, including leaving instruments inside two patients and performing surgery on the wrong person.

Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s shadow public health minister said:

‘It’s right that Monitor takes action because patient safety must be the priority. Why isn’t patient care a top priority for this government? I’m concerned that we’re seeing the beginnings of a national patient care crisis here. The NHS has been thrown into chaos, the government has become sidetracked by an expensive ideological reorganisation, and they have boasted about increasing NHS spending when in fact they have cut it in real terms.

‘The government urgently needs to start focussing on ensuring patient safety, instead of their blinkered pursuit of forcing free-market competition into our health services.’


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