Girls face conflicting expectations

15 Dec 2012
Diane Abbott responds to the publication of a new book - Postfeminist Education? - showing that girls face conflicting expectations. She said:

‘A number of recent events – including the Jimmy Savile revelations, the recent political debate around abortion, and the PIP breast implant scandal – have revealed a side of British culture, in which the sexualisation of women and young girls is entrenched, and yet women who fall victims to problems within this culture are often seemingly cast-aside, silenced and delegitimized.

‘I think we’re seeing the ‘pornification’ of British culture. Too many young girls are absorbing from the popular culture around them that they only have value as sex objects. I want to start a serious discussion about practical measures that could help improve education, empowerment and support for young girls to withstand unwanted cultural and social pressures at school. Not all women perceive the sexualisation of women as a problem, but we must carefully understand the effect this culture is having on women and girls' mental and physical health.’


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