We need real action to reduce salt, not this masquerade

14 Mar 2013
Diane Abbott welcomes action to reduce salt consumption, following Labour’s call for action, but calls the government’s strategy a ‘delayed, chaotic, smoke and mirrors masquerade’.

Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s shadow public health minister said:

‘Labour has urged the government to consider introducing legal limits on sugar, salt and fat content in food. Any action to tackle the growing obesity crisis this government has on its hands is welcome. But this government has taken the solid, organised work of the Food Standards Agency and turned it into this delayed, chaotic, smoke and mirrors masquerade, which has put big business in the driving seat. The voluntary collaboration between big business and the Tories is not working.

‘We’ve seen two years of dither and delay from this government. The government has so far failed to reduce salt levels at the rate expected as not every company has been willing to do this, and many companies simply do not make the changes they promise.

‘Medical experts recommend that adults should limit their salt intake to 6g a day, and the UK needs to put in place a proper long-term strategy to improve the food that children and families across the country are eating. This needs to include reformulation, labelling, planning, putting schools on the front line, and working with parents.’


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