£2million on healthy eating adverts is wrong when the government's own obesity policies are a disaster

03 Jan 2013
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s shadow public health minister, responds to the news that around £2million is being spent on a Department of Health Change4Life campaign pointing out 'hidden nasties' in everyday foods:

‘This £2million that Tory Ministers are spending is an insult to hard-pressed British families, when record numbers of people are relying on food banks, and the government’s own policies to tackle obesity are proving to be a disaster.

‘We need more than half-baked corporate responsibility deal schemes, because the government has a growing crisis on its hands. We’re seeing dinner ladies axed in their thousands, healthy school meals on their way out, and the government’s ‘responsibility deal’ partnership with their friends in big business is failing. So it’s not right that the government is blowing money on advertising annual supermarkets discounts, and glossing over the serious problems British families are being pushed towards.’


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