Numbers claiming Jobseekers in Hackney 'staggeringly high' says local MP

22 Nov 2012
Diane Abbott MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington has warned that areas such as Hackney could be forgotten about as the latest figures reveal 26% of Hackney residents claiming Jobseekers Allowance, the highest in the country.

This is despite the government talking of an economic recovery in London especially.  Haringey had the second highest claimant at 18%.

The TUC has warned that despite the improving picture too many young people are still out of work.

Ms Abbot said:

“The government keep talking about the country being on the road to recovery but that is not the case in Hackney.

“26% of people in the borough are claiming JSA this is a staggeringly high number, far higher than anywhere else in the country.  It seems that places such as Hackney are being left behind from this economic recovery.

London is a thriving city, yet jobs for people in Hackney seem very few and far between. The
government need to understand that in deprived areas such as Hackney there is
still a lot that needs to be done to help people find work.  I don’t want Hackney to get left behind.


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