Diane Abbott welcomes Chief Medical Officer’s report

21 Nov 2012
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow Public Health Minister, has urged a rethink of the Government’s approach to public health, as Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies launches her first annual report today.

Diane Abbott MP said:"I really welcome this report. The increase in liver disease speaks to two big, underlying public health challenges – alcohol abuse and obesity. This Government is failing to address either of these – that’s why they will both play a big part in our public health review, which is officially launched next week."My concern is that, with the NHS thrown into chaos, and a public health strategy that has been discredited, we’re rapidly heading in the wrong direction.

The Government has got to get a grip on these issues, because any preventable death is a tragedy. I’m worried that what we’re seeing is an Olympic legacy being squandered, an obesity strategy being proven to be ‘worthless’ and a Government struggling to get a grip on a 'drinking to forget' culture, which is so apparent in our hospitals and high-streets.

"We need to make a start by looking at a proper traffic light system for food, a sensible minimum pricing policy on alcohol and by understanding the influence of advertising on these public health challenges."

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