Hackney MP reacts to alcohol research

09 Nov 2012
Diane Abbott, Labour’s shadow public health minister responds to Alcohol Concern’s research showing that half of Londoners admit worrying that their drinking is affecting their health. 

She said:

‘It’s not about being killjoys or telling people to never drink again, but we’ve got to understand that the bill Londoners are picking for drink-related hospital admissions is at around £446 million, and there’s also a lot of fear about drink-related violence. I’m absolutely clear that we need to see huge change in our hospitals and high streets  – nothing short of a political and cultural earthquake. There is a danger that we see a drinking-to-forget generation emerge under David Cameron and Boris.

‘Yes, we need minimum pricing. But I’m building an approach for Labour that is really about education,
empowerment, and strengthening British families to deal with the problems we see in our high streets.  I’m currently researching a number of schemes happening in the US, which reduce alcohol and substance abuse through classroom-based education.’

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