Jeremy Hunt urged to come out against anti-choice counsellors

04 Sep 2012
Diane Abbott, Labour’s Shadow Public Health Minister, urges Jeremy Hunt, the new Health Secretary, to drop Tory plans to allow anti-choice organisations to give counselling to women

Diane Abbott said that the government’s counselling policy plans should be dropped
and that anti-abortion group LIFE should be sacked from the government advisory

‘Jeremy Hunt’s record on women’s right to choose is really concerning. But I think, as
the new health secretary, he needs to accept the consensus amongst the medical
profession, the British public and women themselves, and drop the government’s
discredited plans to allow anti-choice organisations to give counselling to
women, as soon as possible. 

‘I think the government’s plans have been really frightening for a lot of people,
especially once the government kept going with the plans even after they’d been
defeated in Parliament. It will be a key test for Jeremy Hunt, that he’s able
to listen to what the British public are saying, and get some distance from these
anti-choice groups whilst there’s still time.’



1)  Hunt’s anti-choice record:

2)  In July, the government was still saying that they’d push ahead with the plans:

3)  Diane Abbott recent blog at Liberal Conspiracy: The growing cloud over British
women’s right to choose

4)  NHS watchdog attacks blitz on abortion clinics:

5)  Diane Abbott resigned from abortion counselling working group, ahead of the imminent
government consultation on abortion counselling:

Diane Abbott MP led the original campaign to defeat the proposals in Parliament:

7)  Under a quarter of Britons support the Government’s abortion counselling proposals:

8)  Women receiving advice from pregnancy counselling centres
run by faith-based and anti-abortion organisations are
subjected to scaremongering, emotive language and inaccurate information about
abortion, according to an undercover investigation:

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10) Abortion debate: Dorries campaign urged to reveal how it
is funded:

11) Abortion rules shakeup could set system back 25 years,
says GPs' chief:

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