Black boys still doing poorly

03 Jul 2012
Diane Abbott MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington spoke out about black children failing in school in a recent debate in Parliament. She said:

“Black boys are still failing in our schools. Although the gap between black children and white and Asian children appears to have narrowed, this is partly because of fiddling the figures. The truth is that, although
there has been some improvement, the gap remains too wide. And we know that the consequences of persistent educational failure can be catastrophic for society, families and the children themselves.

For instance there is a direct correlation between educational underachievement and high levels of exclusion from school and young people drifting into criminal activity. Two thirds of last summer’s rioters had special educational needs and one third had been excluded from school.

My concern is that under this government things will go backward. It is important that the government
continues to collect and publish data on ethnic minority achievement and continues to focus on closing the achievement gap between black children and others.”

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