We should applaud Mayor Bloomberg of New York for his boldness in improving public health

06 Jun 2012
Shadow Public Health Minister, Diane Abbott MP has applauded Mayor Bloomberg for his move to ban the sale of big sizes of sugary drinks:

‘I think this is a bold move by Mayor Bloomberg and I applaud him for that. It indicates to me that he understands the scale of the challenge. The way Bloomberg has made public health one of his top priorities in New York is a real inspiration to me, and I’m keen to learn from what he’s doing. The contrast with the national British government could not starker. Mayor Bloomberg seems unafraid to take on big business in order to secure the progress that New York needs on public health, whereas Andrew Lansley’s entire strategy has become an expensive advertising programme for his friends in big business. This coalition government’s approach is one that’s failing.

‘The Labour Party is undertaking a policy review right now. The approach I am building for Labour on public health is not about banning things, but rather about empowering communities and strengthening families to do the right thing, and helping to provide the civic space that Britain needs.’


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