Jamie Oliver is right about academy junk food

15 May 2012
Diane Abbott MP has backed Jamie Oliver’s attack on the government today over children’s health, as new research showed many academies are now selling junk food. She said:

‘A lot of parents will be horrified by this, because it seems that the government has completely turned its back on the health of children and families. I am right behind Jamie Oliver when he argues that this government is a disaster for the health of British kids.

‘The government’s entire strategy has become a favour to its friends in big business, and it’s just not good enough.’

In a keynote speech at Policy Exchange on Thursday, Diane Abbott will mark her intention to reclaim the families agenda for Labour.

She will call for a range of policy measures to support families, such as making public health a planning criteria so councils can stop too many junk food outlets opening around schools; changing the law to crack down junk food manufacturing online, which is aimed at children; changing the law so that academies must abide by regulations, like other schools, to provide healthy school meals; and cracking down on vending machines with fizzy drinks and chocolate on school premises.


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