Mothers are being marginalised by Andrew Lansley

14 May 2012
Diane Abbott, Labour’s Shadow Public Health Minister, warns that ‘mothers being marginalised’ by Andrew Lansley

Responding to the new survey by the Royal College of Midwives, Diane Abbott MP said:

‘I think mothers and families across the country will be shocked and hurt by this. This survey illustrates the way that mothers are being marginalised by Andrew Lansley and this government.

‘No support, not a priority, and not enough midwives – that is the message women and nurses have received from Andrew Lansley and this government. It is staggering that having directly promised an extra 3000 midwives before the election, what we now see from this government is NHS maternity services being sidelined and privatised, thousands of clinical posts such as nurses and midwives being axed, and the NHS budget being cut in real terms.

‘The Government have also been silent on its commitment to Maternity Matters, the flagship policy on maternity services launched by the previous Government in April 2007.

Ms Abbott added:

‘You only need to see Andrew Lansley’s appearance at the Royal College of Nurses Congress to see that Britain, our patients, and our healthcare staff have had enough of Andrew Lansley.’


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