Pharmacies can play a bigger role in the provision of contraception

25 Apr 2012
Diane Abbott, Shadow Public Health Minister, responds to new study saying girls aged 13-16 should get pharmacy access to Pill:
‘There is a real potential for pharmacies to play a bigger role in the provision of contraception and other sexual health services, because of their accessibility and convenient opening hours. We have got to give young British girls a choice, by making sure they have access to all methods of contraception, including the pill. Labour’s approach is really about empowering people with choice, information and access to services.

‘The government needs to respond to the issues we’re seeing with the rising numbers of girls having under-age sex, not with pointless schemes to teach abstinence, but with better PSHE teaching in schools for both girls and boys, and better access to contraception.

‘The problem is that the government health ‘reforms’ will mean local government taking responsibility for sexual health. In economically straightened times, this could mean cuts in the services offered and even worse under-age sex figures in the future.’


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