The government must ‘get a grip’ on the country’s obesity epidemic

24 Apr 2012
Shadow Public Health Minister, Diane Abbott MP has urged the government to ‘get a grip’ on the country’s obesity epidemic, as the Children’s Food Campaign name the ‘worst offenders’ for undermining children’s healthy eating:

‘The message from this report is that we need a government that prioritises British families ahead of big business, and not the other way around. I am right behind Jamie Oliver when he argues that this government is a disaster for the health of British kids. The government should listen to him.

‘The government’s entire strategy has become an expensive advertising programme for its friends in big business, and it’s just not good enough.

‘Responsibility deals’ that rely on voluntary action by the fast-food business, manufacturers and retailers are failing. You cannot expect big business, which makes billions every year by marketing sugary, fatty and unhealthy foods to willingly limit its own profiteering. ‘Responsibility deals’ just camouflage the fact the government is refusing to take action on issues like trans-fats and minimum pricing for alcohol. And it is refusing to take action precisely because Lansley is in the pocket of big business. This approach ends up camouflaging the fact that real change is not happening.’


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