New figures show biggest fall of NHS staff in a decade

21 Mar 2012
Diane Abbott, Shadow Public Health Minister said:

‘I think people across the country will be really frightened by this attack on our NHS. These figures show the strain this government is putting our NHS under. It is nothing short of a disgrace that having made all these promises about the NHS, what we now see from this government is thousands of clinical posts such as nurses being axed, maternity services being sidelined, and the NHS budget being cut in real terms. David Cameron and Andrew Lansley need to get out the bunker and see for themselves the damage they are doing.

‘The path this government has put us on looks bleak. What we will now see is a huge strain placed on the NHS - waste, waits, deficits and genuine service reform stifled. This government thinks passing the health bill is end of their problems - but it is just the beginning.’


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