Now 7,000 more women drawn into toxic breast implant scandal

15 Mar 2012
Diane Abbott MP, the Shadow Public Health Minister, attacks Lansley over his handling of breast implant scandal

Diane Abbott, Shadow Public Health Minister said:

‘The government needs to gain proper control of the situation. Many of these women are at the mercy these private companies, and Andrew Lansley isn’t acting firmly or decisively enough. We need to understand why this new information has only just come to light. Why was Andrew Lansley not trying to get this information earlier?

‘Labour has supported Andrew Lansley the best we can throughout, because the immediate priority has always been the women affected, rather than a broader political discussion. But I think it has to be said that Andrew Lansley’s handling of this issue has been very weak, and a bitter disappointment to the many women, and their families, who have been caused such great anxiety.’

Ms Abbott, who urged for tighter regulation of the cosmetic surgery back in February 2011 following the death of Cladia Aderotimi, said the breast implant scandal should act as a warning about the dangers of private healthcare:

‘Clients of these private clinics have been badly let down. One of the lessons that Andrew Lansley must learn from this is that mixing business with healthcare is a dangerous policy. This scandal, as well as the problems we’ve seen with private care home contractors like Southern Cross, is a foretelling for the kind of healthcare that is emerging in Cameron’s Britain.’


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