Passing responsibility on violent youth crime won’t work

01 Apr 2019
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to the government announcement on violent youth crime, said:

“Yet again Tory ministers are talking tough as crime rises, perhaps as part of their leadership campaigns. But this is not a serious crime-fighting strategy.

“Random stop-and-search doesn’t work, and the Home Office’s own research shows it. That’s why Theresa May dropped it in 2014.  It’s now being brought back without any evidence it works. Passing responsibility to our hard-pressed teachers and nurses won’t work either.

“A genuine public health approach does work, as has been proven in Scotland and elsewhere. But the Tories’ entire programme of public spending cuts has contributed to the causes of rising violent crime. And they have axed 21,000 police officers. It is these reckless policies and this government which needs to end if we are going to tackle surging knife crime head-on.”

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