The death of Shamima Begum’s baby is a stain on the conscience of this government

08 Mar 2019
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s shadow Home Secretary, responding to the death of Shamima Begum’s baby, said:

“The tragic death of Shamima Begum’s baby, Jarrah, is a stain on the conscience of this government.“It is against international law to make someone stateless. And to leave a vulnerable young woman and an innocent child in a refugee camp, where we know infant mortality to be high, is morally reprehensible.

“Whenever there are reasonable grounds to suspect that someone who is entitled to return to this country has either committed or facilitated acts of terrorism, they should be fully investigated and where appropriate prosecuted. In an effort to appease the right-wing press, the Home Secretary would not even grant Shamima this.

“What does it say about our government on International Women’s Day that it would allow hundreds of men to return to the UK from Syria and Iraq under similar circumstances, but strip citizenship from a young woman who was groomed as a minor. It is clear that society is not past blaming groomed young women for their fate.

“The Home Secretary failed this British child and he has a lot to answer for.”

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