Diane Abbott responds to CBI’s criticism of Government immigration target

10 Aug 2018
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to a CBI report demanding the Government scrap its immigration target post-Brexit, said:

“This report is a clear message from British business: Theresa May’s net migration target is a failure. It’s counter-productive and it’s unworkable. The Government has set an unreachable target, and used it as the basis for a permanent anti-migrant campaign. This is deeply unjust, and as the CBI report shows, it doesn’t meet our own economic needs.

“The CBI offers a number of interesting ideas, which should be examined closely. As the CBI has, the Government must highlight the positive contribution migrants make and the many economic sectors that would be in crisis without them.

 “The next Labour government will prioritise growth and prosperity, not arbitrary targets. We need fair rules and reasonable management of migration. That’s how to ensure all our citizens and the migrants who come here are treated fairly.”

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