Serco’s eviction threat is appalling

02 Aug 2018
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, commenting on a report that Serco will start evicting more than 300 asylum seekers, said:

“It is appalling that so many vulnerable asylum seekers who have fled conflict across the world are being treated in this way. The Home Office must intervene to avert a humanitarian crisis on its watch.

“Our humanitarian obligations to asylum seekers must not be outsourced, leaving hundreds of people facing homelessness and destitution.

“The Government has failed to meet commitments and obligations to refugees and is failing to stand up to Serco’s determination to put profit before people.

“The Government has not taken its fair share of refugees from Syria and continues to treat those who are here in an inhumane manner.

“They have also outsourced crucial functions, including housing, transport and detention to private companies like Serco.”

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