Yet again the Government is dragging its feet and failing the Windrush generation – Abbott

19 Jul 2018
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to Sajid Javid’s Written Ministerial Statement confirming that the Windrush compensation scheme will not be up and running until after a consultation closes in October and that the Government will not be introducing a hardship fund, said:

“Yet again the Government is dragging its feet and failing members of the Windrush generation.

“Many of our fellow citizens have been left destitute by the Home Office and the Government’s hostile environment policy. They cannot wait until October for a consultation to be concluded on the Government’s promised compensation scheme.

“British citizens have been left in debt, jobless, denied access to the benefits to which they are entitled and even homeless. It is an insult that the Home Secretary has today failed to even confirm when the compensation scheme will be in place.

“The Government must not attempt to limit the scale of this compensation scheme by only compensating those who have gone through the taskforce. Compensation must be paid to each and every Windrush citizen who has suffered at the hands of the Government’s hostile environment.”

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