Home Office Serious Violence Strategy looks like a cover up of Tories’ failures

09 Apr 2018
Diane Abbott MP, Shadow Home Secretary, responding to the Home Office’s Serious Violence Strategy which appears to provide no new money or extra police officers to tackle street violence, said:“The Tories’ concern about knife crime doesn’t even run so far as providing new money or extra officers to tackle it. What part of the Home Office budget is being raided to fund this initiative? It must not be from elsewhere in the police or security budgets which have already been slashed.“This morning the Home Secretary claimed to be launching “a fact and evidence-fuelled” strategy, but then admitted she hadn’t even bothered to read the evidence her officials have compiled.“This looks increasingly like a PR stunt by Amber Rudd designed to grab a good headline. The Tories have slashed police funding and resources, leaving them struggling to cope with rising serious crime. This latest announcement looks like a cover up of their own failures.”

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