Diane Abbott response to the publication of David Anderson QC’s report

12 Dec 2017
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to the publication of David Anderson QC’s report, said:“This is an extremely valuable report from David Anderson QC. As always, our thoughts are with the families of the bereaved and survivors of these attacks.
“While we know nine of fifteen plots were prevented, one of the worrying aspects of the report is how many of the terrorists were known to the security services and had been monitored by them. It is possible that more of these may have been preventable. 
“MI5 and Counter-Terrorism police have already identified improved neighbourhood policing as a key part of their prevention strategy. The Government needs to accept that. But they have cut police numbers and police weren’t even mentioned in the Budget. The report also says that, after an increase in Counter-Terrorism spending, grant allocations will be cut over the next three years.
“Labour will restore 10,000 police, who will be focused on community policing. We will review the resources of the security services to focus on preventing terrorism here in the UK. You can’t provide security on the cheap. Labour will respond appropriately.”

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