Amber Rudd admits crime is rising but police numbers are still being cut

02 Nov 2017
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, speaking today at the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners’ and National Police Chiefs’ Council’s Partnership Summit 2017, said:“The Tories have been in denial about rising crime, but Amber Rudd yesterday admitted there is a genuine increase in violent crimes.

“Crime is up, yet the Tories continue to cut police numbers, which are now at a 35-year low. Instead of listening to police chiefs and crime commissioners, the Tories continue to insist that the police are not  over-stretched. The reality is very different. Serious crime is rising, police numbers are falling, and the arrest rate is down.

“Labour in government will increase police numbers by 10,000. We will begin to address the real shortfall in resources. The Tories will continue with their internal crises. Labour will tackle the real problems facing  ordinary people.”

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