Warm words won’t tackle the drugs crisis

14 Jul 2017
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to the launch of the Government’s new drugs strategy, said:“Rising drug-related fatalities, drug crime and a cocktail of new drugs means that a new effective strategy is overdue. But this isn’t it.
"Commitments to treat addiction and tackle the social ills that accompany it are meaningless from a Government which has cut drug treatment services and centres. There is no new money now.
"At the same time, this Tory Government expects law enforcement agencies to deal with multiple new drugs and sources of supply, but has spent seven years slashing funding to the police and border force with further cuts in the pipeline.
"Warm words won’t tackle the drugs crisis. Resources are needed, and mustn’t be diverted from other hard-pressed budgets. Labour in government will tackle the drugs crisis and review the priorities to ensure they are appropriate.”

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