Lords’ report highlights Government failures in responding to refugee crisis

12 Jul 2017
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to the House of Lords’ report on the refugee crisis and ‘Operation Sophia’, said:“The report paints a picture of failure in response to the refugee
crisis, but over 30,000 lives have been saved by Operation Sophia,which is very welcome. The tactic of destroying vessels means that refugees are coming in record numbers, but they come in ever more unseaworthy dinghies. The risk of drowning at sea is increased.
“The report’s conclusions are correct. Future UK and EU action should focus on tackling people smuggling at source and in transit countries, and supporting sustainable economic development and good governance in these countries.
“The Government has also not implemented the Dubs amendment which would have secured 3,000 places here for unaccompanied refugee children. In this Parliament, Labour will be pressing for the government to meet its obligations in full.”

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