Standing up for Hackney

I am firmly committed to working for the people of Hackney. There are many issues that I campaign on in the local area. My priority is working hard for Hackney, listening to people about the issues that matter to them, and helping, in any way I can, with the problems that local people and their families are having. 

Here you can see my recent reports to the Hackney Local Constituency Labour Party:

I am incredibly proud to call Hackney my home and to help give a voice to local people.

So it angers me that hard-working people in Hackney are footing the bill for this Government's economic failure. With prices rising faster than wages, the economy flatling and one million young people out of work, the Tory-led Government’s priority has been to cut taxes by an average of £100,000 for 13,000 people earning over £1 million. Policies like this aren’t going to help hard-working families in Hackney trying to make ends meet. 

The inescapable truth is that this government is targeting the most deprived areas of England, including Hackney, for the deepest cuts in benefits, tax credits and council services, while protecting affluent parts of the country. 

The list of 10 local authority areas hardest hit by the cuts includes seven out of the eight most disadvantaged parts of the country, according to the Government's own deprivation index. Hackney ranks in the list. 

Hackney deserves better than this Tory government. I know my constituents are feeling really squeezed. The Tories are really beginning to show their true colours, zeroing in on areas like Hackney and hitting people hard. 

And to top it all, the fire station in Kingsland Road, Haggerston has now officially been named as one of 12 stations across the capital earmarked for closure, under plans by London Fire Brigade to save £28.2million over the next two years. Hackney Police Station is also pinpointed for closure, as part of the Met’s bid to make half a billion pounds worth of savings by 2016. 

Communities facing the biggest hit to local government are also losing most from cuts to their tax credits and benefits, yet instead of helping working families the Tories are giving millionaires a tax cut. 

That tells you everything you need to know about this Government's priorities.