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25 Apr 2018


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04 Dec 2012
Shadow Minister for Public Health Diane Abbott gave a speech to the Government Knowledge conference on mental health: 'Rethinking mental health for the 21st century' on the 16th October 2012 in Central London.
21 Nov 2012
Diane Abbott MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, recently secured an adjournment debate on the issue of overseas aid and especially the relationship between DFID and UK based consultants. Here is a version of her speech.
01 Oct 2012
Diane recently gave a speech at the 7th annual LGBT summit held in Canterbury in Kent. Here is an abridged version of the speech.
29 Jun 2012
Diane Abbott spoke in a Westminster Hall on the many reasons as to why certain black and minority ethnic groups fare badly in terms of attainment in our education system.
14 Mar 2012
The Shadow Health Minister tells Westminster that the Labour Party is not opposed to change, but that the NHS is not for sale
05 Mar 2012
In her first big set-piece speech on public health, since being appointed to the role of shadow public health minister, Diane Abbott MP will redefine the Labour Party’s position on public health and children’s health. Now that figures reveal 19% of year-six pupils are obese, the Shadow Public Health Minister will call for a ‘revolution’ in approaches to public health and children’s health, calling time on what she refers to as the ‘chips and Playstation 3 culture’. Ms Abbott will use the speech to: outline her distinct philosophy to public health; make clear her intention to vastly raise the political profile of children’s health issues; and critique the thinking behind the government’s approaches on ‘nudging’ and ‘responsibility deals.’
17 Jan 2012
Labour's Diane Abbott spoke about the "scourge" of the "proliferation" of betting shops, stating that in Hackney there were approximately 90 such shops, three times the national average. Hitting out at their "predatory nature", she said, they targeted the poorest areas with the highest levels of unemployment and poverty. Ms Abbott backed Ms Portas' recommendation that such shops, should be put in a separate use class of their own for planning decisions.
12 Oct 2011
Lansley's NHS plans will fragment cancer diagnosis and endanger lives
11 Oct 2011
In Westminster Debate, Diane Abbott says the idea that the riots were a consequence of organised gang activity stops us from looking at the complexities behind the riots.
07 Sep 2011
Diane Abbott, Shadow Public Health Minister, takes part in Westminster Hall debate to call for greater awareness for sufferers of the condition
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