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Currently sat in A&E here in Guernsey and thought I’d take a picture of the charges. Quite sobering and genuinely I’m mis…
19 Jun 2019


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11 Mar 2014
Speech in Westminster hall on the eve of the first Parliamentary inquiry into Female Genital Mutilation
13 Feb 2014
Westminster Hall debate on the government's proposal to allow the Home Secretary to render naturalised citzens stateless through stripping them of their citizenship
06 Feb 2014
Debate on the problems of housing in London
09 Dec 2013
Diane Abbott MP pays tribute to Nelson Mandela in the House of Commons
19 Nov 2013
There is still no proper system of regulation for health care assistants. Diane speaks about the dissapoining record of regulation for health care assistants during a parliamentary debate on the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.
08 Nov 2013
Diane speaks on the governments broken promise to provide long-term jobs and affordable housing to the five Olympic host boroughs as part of the Olympic legacy.
22 Oct 2013
Diane speaks out on the deplorable rhetoric and 'direction of travel' of the governments proposed Immigration Bill
09 Oct 2013
Diane Abbott contributes in a debate in a Westminister Hall about the Abortion Act. 'it is not only those who are anti-abortion in principle who have a problem with sex-selective abortion'.
03 Sep 2013
Diane Abbott spoke in a Westminister Hall on 03/09/12 urging goverrnment to proceed with plans to introduce plain cigarette packaging.
29 Aug 2013
DIane Abbott voices her strong opposition to UK military involvement in the Syrian civil conflict during the House of Commons debate.
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