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Did you know?\n21,000 police officers have been taken off our streets by the Tories since 2010, leaving our communities…
25 Apr 2018


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22 Oct 2013
Diane speaks out on the deplorable rhetoric and 'direction of travel' of the governments proposed Immigration Bill
09 Oct 2013
Diane Abbott contributes in a debate in a Westminister Hall about the Abortion Act. 'it is not only those who are anti-abortion in principle who have a problem with sex-selective abortion'.
03 Sep 2013
Diane Abbott spoke in a Westminister Hall on 03/09/12 urging goverrnment to proceed with plans to introduce plain cigarette packaging.
29 Aug 2013
DIane Abbott voices her strong opposition to UK military involvement in the Syrian civil conflict during the House of Commons debate.
02 Jul 2013
Diane Abbott MP highlights the tension caused between police and young ethnic minorities from excessive Stop and Search practices.
22 May 2013
Shadow public health minister Diane Abbott gave a speech in the lead up to the vote on the equal marriage bill for England and Wales, following its third reading today, in which she described it as “a momentous piece of legislation”.
16 May 2013
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s shadow public health minister, indentifies a 'crisis of masculinity’ in Britain, arguing that rapid economic and social change has affected male identity, and created a number of largely unspoken problems. She will discuss the ways in which families, the bond between father and their children, and expectations around young men must be strengthened, against the backdrop of a number of deep public health and social problems.
11 Apr 2013
Diane Abbott reminds the House that after all the years that have passed since she stood down as leader of her party, there are still millions of people who felt themselves to be on the wrong side of the titanic battles that Margaret Thatcher fought.
13 Feb 2013
In a House of Commons debate, Diane Abbott argues that the quality of our food is too important a matter to be left to private equity predators.
24 Jan 2013
Keynote speech by Labour's shadow public health minister. The speech addresses a 'pornification' of popular British culture, the sexualisation of British adolescence and the rise of 'sexting' and 'slut-shaming' in schools.
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