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23 Sep 2018


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17 Jul 2014
Diane Abbott MP tackles the Home Secretary on progress towards combating online child sex abuse.
15 Jul 2014
Diane Abbott MP today raised her concerns about the Government's decision to give the House of Commons only one day to consider emergency legislation affecting our civil liberties.
14 Jul 2014
Diane Abbott MP urged the Government to work towards a ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Gaza
02 Jul 2014
On the 02/07/ 2014 Diane Abbott MP challenged David Cameron during Prime Minister's Questions on Conservative MP's involvement in the purchase of a housing estate in Hackney with a view to driving up rents and threatening families with eviction.
15 May 2014
Delivered at the Centre for Social Justice
27 Mar 2014
Speaking out against the government's attempt to impose an arbitrary cap on welfare spending
20 Mar 2014
Paying tribute to Tony Benn in the House of Commons
11 Mar 2014
Speech in Westminster hall on the eve of the first Parliamentary inquiry into Female Genital Mutilation
13 Feb 2014
Westminster Hall debate on the government's proposal to allow the Home Secretary to render naturalised citzens stateless through stripping them of their citizenship
06 Feb 2014
Debate on the problems of housing in London
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