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23 Sep 2018


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30 Oct 2014
On 30/10/2014 Diane Abbott MP spoke in the chamber to voice her support for calls for a thorough review of UK Drugs Policy.
30 Oct 2014
On 30/10/2014 Diane Abbott MP spoke in the chamber to condemn the UK Government's decision to suspend support for migrant search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean.
22 Oct 2014
On 22/10/2014 Diane Abbott MP delivered a speech on growing inequality in London at the London School of Economics entitled London: A Tale of Two Cities. The speech was given as part of the school's public lecture series.
21 Oct 2014
On 21/09/2014 Diane Abbott MP spoke in the chamber in support of the recall of MPs bill.
16 Oct 2014
On 16/10/2014 Diane Abbott MP asked the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond about the possibility of Turkey opening up a humanitarian corridor through which to transport aid to the besieged inhabitants of Kobane.
13 Oct 2014
On 13/10/2014 Diane Abbott MP spoke in the chamber in favour of recognition of Palestinian statehood.
29 Sep 2014
On the 26/09/2014 Diane Abbott MP spoke of her opposition to UK military involvement in Iraq against ISIL.
03 Sep 2014
On 03/09/201 Diane Abbott MP tackles the Prime Minister David Cameron during Prime Minister's Questions on the wider lack of accountability for directors of social services and other senior officers in the wake of the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal.
02 Sep 2014
On 02/09/2014 during an urgent question from the opposition regarding the case of child sex abuse in Rotherham, Diane Abbott MP challenges the notion that political correctness was the the principal factor as to why action was not taken sooner.
17 Jul 2014
During a backbench debate on the Universal Postal Service, Diane Abbott MP warns of a drop in quality of service due to TNT's use of agency staff.
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