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23 Sep 2018


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03 Jun 2015
On 03/06/2015 Diane spoke in the chamber about the need for further devolved powers for London.
03 Jun 2015
On 03/06/2015 Diane paid tribute to the life and work of Charles Kennedy.
03 Jun 2015
On 03/06/2015 During Prime Minister's questions Diane pressed David Cameron on the issue of further devolution for London.
26 Mar 2015
On 26/03/2015 Diane spoke in the chamber about surveillance and upholding democracy.
23 Feb 2015
On 23/02/2015 Diane spoke in the chamber regarding the labeling of Non-stun animal meat.
12 Feb 2015
On 12/02/2015 Diane Abbott MP was allocated a back bench business debate in the main chamber of the house of commons entitled Mental Health & Wellbeing of Londoners. The speech focused on issues surrounding mental health in London's LGBT and BME communities alongside mental health problems prevalent in London's children and adolescents.
27 Jan 2015
On the 21/01/2015 Diane Abbott MP questioned the Prime Minister on the delays of the Chilcot Report.
21 Jan 2015
On 21/01/2015 Diane Abbott MP spoke in the chamber, arguing that members of the British public who wish to save the NHS must vote Labour to ensure its safety.
20 Jan 2015
On 14/01/2015 Diane Abbott MP spoke in the chamber condemning the appalling acts of violence perpetrated in Paris but urged the Home Secretary to take action to reach out to the marginalised communities from which the attackers came.
20 Jan 2015
On 20/01/2015 Diane Abbott MP spoke in the chamber questioning the cost of the renewal of the UK's nuclear weapons arguing that it makes us neither safe nor genuinely independent.
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