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We need to take a firm stand against hate crime - and call time on scapegoating of migrants.\nRead & RT my piece ?\n
21 Oct 2017


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21 Mar 2014
The 2014 budget included a reform to APD
21 Mar 2014
The 2014 budget included several cuts to alcohol taxes
29 Jan 2014
Meeting of the All Parliamentary Group on Air Passenger Duty
23 Jan 2014
Diane Abbott welcomed beginning of discussions at the UN in order to resolve the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria.
15 Jan 2014
Boris Johnson has declared that he plans to close every ticket on the London underground, Diane Abbott joined workers from the RMT and the TSSA in condemning the cuts.
14 Jan 2014
This week Diane Abbottt MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, hosted a packed meeting in the House of Commons to discuss the coroner’s verdict on the shooting of Mark Duggan and its bearing upon the relationship of BME communities and the police.
15 Nov 2013
Diane slams the government on its poor Olympic Legacy for jobs, sporting and housing in the five Olympic host boroughs.
31 Oct 2013
Diane Abbott MP, warns Jeremy Hunt (Secretary of State for Health) of the negative social impact og his plans to reconfigure NHS services in London.
31 Oct 2013
The government needs a more holistic look at Air Passenger Duty, and its effect on Britains traditional allies in the Caribbean.
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