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We need to take a firm stand against hate crime - and call time on scapegoating of migrants.\nRead & RT my piece ?\n
21 Oct 2017


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14 Sep 2016
STPs - A Dagger Pointed At The Heart Of The NHS
05 Sep 2016
Post-code lottery crisis is deepening in the NHS
05 Sep 2016
NHS: Diversionary tactics won’t throw us off
05 Sep 2016
Cuts in social care are a complete false economy
05 Sep 2016
Jeremy Corbyn’s vision to rebuild and transform Britain can save our NHS and social care
02 Sep 2016
Jeremy Hunt has got it wrong: junior doctors are not the enemy within
01 Sep 2016
Jeremy Hunt and Nye Bevan both clashed with doctors - but that's all they have in common
24 Aug 2016
Junk Food Infiltrates Rio Olympics
24 Aug 2016
jeremy Corbyn’s vision for the NHS will rescue it from Tory dismantling
17 Aug 2016
Big Pharma gets public money from the NHS – but doesn't put anything back
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