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The time has come for real change and the Government to end the harmful practice of routine and indefinite use of d…
23 Sep 2018


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28 Mar 2017
There is a continuous need to modernise the police but caution is required with these plans
27 Mar 2017
It is crucial that there is effective judicial oversight of the security services’ access to encrypted messages
24 Mar 2017
Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism
14 Mar 2017
Criminal gangs accessing your private details through everyday items is the stuff of nightmares
11 Mar 2017
We Must Put an End to Migrant Scapegoating
25 Feb 2017
The Conservatives Are Cutting Our Police Force By Millions Of Pounds - And Thousands Of Officers
22 Feb 2017
If The Tories Are Serious About Money Laundering, They Aren’t Showing It
22 Feb 2017
Amid rising hate crime, Labour must stand up against scapegoating
20 Feb 2017
The government has quietly shut the door on vulnerable child refugees
14 Feb 2017
I fought racism and misogyny to become an MP. The fight is getting harder
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