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Theresa May has shown she is in complete denial about the scale of the crisis we are facing and unable to offer the leader…
20 Mar 2019


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23 Sep 2018
The Windrush scandal earlier this year, and the outrage of millions at the Tories’ callous treatment of so many people, has helped to shine a light on their failed hostile environment approach to immigration, and ‘deport first, ask questions later’ attitudes.
22 Sep 2018
Did you know that the British government is separating children from parents who have been taken into immigration detention?
22 Sep 2018
Labour is setting out a different vision to the Tories’ failed ‘hostile environment’ policies on immigration.
08 Sep 2018
Dangerous Tory cuts to our fire and rescue service need to end
05 Sep 2018
On Tuesday, as soon as parliament returned from summer recess, I asked the Home Secretary an Urgent Question on the government’s Windrush policy. The need for this question was prompted by a number of new horrors thrown up by the Windrush scandal over recent weeks.
11 Aug 2018
It’s time for wholesale change in how Britain deals with the issue of immigration detention, says Diane Abbott
03 Aug 2018
The government must end the current disastrous immigration detention system and the failed ‘hostile environment’ approach
28 Jul 2018
The left needs to stand firm against those calling for a ‘national government’ or a new centre party and fight for a Corbyn-led Labour government.
21 Jul 2018
It is amazing to me that, knowing how disastrous for ordinary people the 1931 National government was, some Labour politicians are apparently contemplating entering a 2018 version.
17 Jul 2018
Refugees must be protected from forced homelessness and destitution
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