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Currently sat in A&E here in Guernsey and thought I’d take a picture of the charges. Quite sobering and genuinely I’m mis…
19 Jun 2019


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20 Oct 2018
The fact that hate crime has more than doubled in the last five years must serve as an urgent wake-up call, writes Diane Abbott MP.
19 Oct 2018
My clear view is that we should aim for a win-win outcome from Brexit that guarantees the security of the UK and the EU27, which shares our expertise and assets for the greater good.
16 Oct 2018
London is a great multicultural city. But a whirlwind of racist, Islamophobic and anti-Hindu comments have come back to haunt the current Tory for London Mayor immediately following the launch of his campaign.
16 Oct 2018
We are currently witnessing a chilling rise in far right and fascist forces on both sides of the Atlantic
06 Oct 2018
The recent party conferences have shown only Labour has the vision and policies for the real change Britain needs, writes DIANE ABBOTT MP
04 Oct 2018
There were no policies and no plans for the future at the Tory party conference.
02 Oct 2018
Windrush victims are being forced to sign gagging orders in exchange for less delayed compensation
02 Oct 2018
Diane Abbott MP looks at a new report from the Fire Brigades Union on Grenfell and the background to an atrocity.
02 Oct 2018
Developments over the summer have seen pressure mounting on the government to do the right thing and end indefinite immigration detention.
02 Oct 2018
Bodily autonomy and the right to choose has always seemed to me the fundamental feminist issue.
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