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Currently sat in A&E here in Guernsey and thought I’d take a picture of the charges. Quite sobering and genuinely I’m mis…
19 Jun 2019


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11 Feb 2019
Let’s make 2019 the year when inhumane indefinite detention ends
28 Jan 2019
'Claims we're wrecking a bid to catch paedophiles are outrageous' - Diane Abbott
26 Jan 2019
The latest Tory Immigration Bill will deepen the exploitation of workers
24 Jan 2019
Tory idea of fairness is to treat EU citizens almost as badly as Windrush ones
12 Jan 2019
Serco and the degrading living conditions for asylum-seekers
09 Jan 2019
We Must Hold the Government to Account for the Ongoing Windrush Scandal.
21 Dec 2018
The Tories Are Split On Immigration But One Thing Is Clear – Theresa May's Stance Is Pure Dog-whistle
18 Dec 2018
The scandal of asylum accommodation
13 Dec 2018
Challenge to May shows how weak and shaky the Tories really are
11 Dec 2018
Each week sees more revelations about the extent of the Windrush scandal and government failures writes Diane Abbott MP
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