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\"BBC News - G4S orders independent inquiry into immigration centre staff\" Home office should be investigating
21 Nov 2017


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04 Apr 2017
The housing crisis is deepening – and the Tories have no solution
04 Apr 2017
Crime is falling? Not anymore, thanks to the Conservatives' cuts
03 Apr 2017
Diane Abbott response to announcement that bail terms will now generally be limited to 28 days
01 Apr 2017
Sadly this is not an isolated incident, but part of a sustained increase in hate crimes that this Tory government is yet to offer any effective response to
31 Mar 2017
Diane Abbott responds to analysis suggesting that major police forces are failing to investigate more than 50 percent of burglaries
31 Mar 2017
We can build a better Britain – under Corbyn’s leadership
28 Mar 2017
NEWS THIS WEEK – from Diane Abbott MP
28 Mar 2017
There is a continuous need to modernise the police but caution is required with these plans
27 Mar 2017
It is crucial that there is effective judicial oversight of the security services’ access to encrypted messages
24 Mar 2017
Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism
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