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Excellent news from the @NAT_AIDS_Trust campaign- threatened funding for #HIV prevention is secure for a further year
22 Dec 2014


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04 Apr 2014
I was glad to hear that the government has finally set out a plan to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes
04 Apr 2014
The spiraling cost of energy has left many vulnerable people unable to heat their homes and the government must act now to fix this
27 Mar 2014
Speaking out against the government's attempt to impose an arbitrary cap on welfare spending
21 Mar 2014
The 2014 budget included a reform to APD
21 Mar 2014
The 2014 budget included several cuts to alcohol taxes
20 Mar 2014
Paying tribute to Tony Benn in the House of Commons
11 Mar 2014
Speech in Westminster hall on the eve of the first Parliamentary inquiry into Female Genital Mutilation
27 Feb 2014
Using water canons in London would be disastrous
13 Feb 2014
Westminster Hall debate on the government's proposal to allow the Home Secretary to render naturalised citzens stateless through stripping them of their citizenship
13 Feb 2014
Article for the Huffinton Post on the government's plans to extend the powers of the Home Secretary to strip British nationality from naturalised citizens
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