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Our NHS is in crisis, schools underfunded & communities devastated.\n\nMore people are homeless, more children grow up i…
16 Jan 2019


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02 Oct 2018
Tory policy does not prioritise the safety and security of the ordinary people of this country. It amounts to an abject failure in one of the primary duties of any decent government.
02 Oct 2018
We have been accustomed to unsubstantiated assertions, wild generalisations and dog whistle politics about migrants, including from the EU, MAC provides analysis and evidence.
02 Oct 2018
In light of the government’s previous form in terms of sneaking out policy announcements at the end of the parliamentary term, it’s not surprising that his timing was viewed sceptically by some, especially as Stephen Shaw submitted his report in April.
02 Oct 2018
The Government’s immigration plans will be meaningless as long as it continues to adhere stubbornly to its unworkable and arbitrary migration cap
02 Oct 2018
It’s not clear this is any improvement on Theresa May’s derided ‘British values’ test in 2015
29 Sep 2018
Labour has not only exposed the cruel policies of the Windrush scandal, but has also outlined the steps that a Labour government will take to end these outrages.
25 Sep 2018
Unlike the current government, Labour will end state-sanctioned discrimination against migrants with a legal right to be here.
25 Sep 2018
Government immigration policy is still unfair, unworkable, and ignoring the economy
25 Sep 2018
Diane Abbott speaking at Labour Party Conference today
23 Sep 2018
The Windrush scandal earlier this year, and the outrage of millions at the Tories’ callous treatment of so many people, has helped to shine a light on their failed hostile environment approach to immigration, and ‘deport first, ask questions later’ attitudes.
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