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200,000 people already signed the petition in solidarity with the leadership. I stand with our party membership. #unityis…
26 Jun 2016


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15 Jan 2016
Now is the time to make the case for a progressive Europe
15 Jan 2016
We Need to Defend the DfID Budget and Make Sure It Is Used for International Development
15 Jan 2016
Labour is still standing up for international development
06 Jan 2016
The Political Debate is Starting to Shift in Britain
31 Dec 2015
Under Jeremy Corbyn, Labour is moving on – it’s time Peter Mandelson did too
23 Dec 2015
NEWS THIS WEEK – from Diane Abbott, MP for Hackney North & Stoke Newington
20 Dec 2015
Don't Forget the Refugees Plight
16 Dec 2015
Questions to the Secretary of State for International Development, December 16
14 Dec 2015
Report & Video: Divest Hackney Debate
11 Dec 2015
Labour Can Look Forward to Moving Forward in 2016
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