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30 May 2013
The amount of drugs handed out in England to help alcoholics achieve abstinence or to help prevent them from relapsing has increased to 178,247 in 2012, the Health and Social Care Information.
29 May 2013
Despite public support and the medical evidence that plain packaging would save lives, David Cameron has put the interest of his chums in big business above British public health. Diane writes for Left Foot Forward.
22 May 2013
Shadow public health minister Diane Abbott gave a speech in the lead up to the vote on the equal marriage bill for England and Wales, following its third reading today, in which she described it as “a momentous piece of legislation”.
16 May 2013
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s shadow public health minister, indentifies a 'crisis of masculinity’ in Britain, arguing that rapid economic and social change has affected male identity, and created a number of largely unspoken problems. She will discuss the ways in which families, the bond between father and their children, and expectations around young men must be strengthened, against the backdrop of a number of deep public health and social problems.
10 May 2013
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s shadow public health minister, urges government to get a grip on 111 line, as the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) say patients have "lost confidence".
08 May 2013
Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow Public Health Minister, urges Cameron to explain plain packaging broken promise.
02 May 2013
Saving money by appointing joint, junior or inexperienced leaders will undermine local public health. Diane writes for the Guardian.
28 Apr 2013
The number of people being admitted to hospital with liver problems as a result of alcoholism is rising dramatically, figures suggest. And the amount of alcoholics who get given liver transplants is also increasing.
25 Apr 2013
On the 20th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence, Diane Abbott speaks to the Guardian about the impact his death has had.
11 Apr 2013
Diane Abbott reminds the House that after all the years that have passed since she stood down as leader of her party, there are still millions of people who felt themselves to be on the wrong side of the titanic battles that Margaret Thatcher fought.
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