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Labour will put the Tories on the back foot across the board\nPiece ahead of @labourassembly #WinningwithJeremy event\n
22 Oct 2016


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19 Jul 2016
Trident is a colossal, dangerous waste of money
19 Jul 2016
Tories Are Ripping The Heart Out Of Our NHS
19 Jul 2016
I welcome Simon Stevens’ intervention
19 Jul 2016
Tories are squeezing the NHS more than at any time in its history
15 Jul 2016
Putting Priti Patel in charge of international development is like putting a fox in charge of chicken safety
15 Jul 2016
North Middlesex A & E under threat of closure
14 Jul 2016
“These figures are another grim reminder that Tory health policies have failed and pushed the NHS to the brink of disaster.”
13 Jul 2016
Reinstating the ‘National’ in the NHS
13 Jul 2016
'I fully support the call to reverse this reckless decision to scrap bursaries'
11 Jul 2016
Our understaffed underfunded NHS is the result of government ideology
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