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Just went to fascinating talk at Clissold House on Anna Barbauld: teacher, poet, literary critic & 19 century Stoke…
26 Mar 2017


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22 Feb 2017
If The Tories Are Serious About Money Laundering, They Aren’t Showing It
22 Feb 2017
Amid rising hate crime, Labour must stand up against scapegoating
20 Feb 2017
The government has quietly shut the door on vulnerable child refugees
17 Feb 2017
NEWS THIS WEEK – from Diane Abbott, MP for Hackney North & Stoke Newington
16 Feb 2017
The reality is that the crippling cuts have demoralised and damaged the capacity of child protection services to protect vulnerable children
16 Feb 2017
These further cuts will simply apply more pressure on an already overstretched police service
14 Feb 2017
I fought racism and misogyny to become an MP. The fight is getting harder
11 Feb 2017
Hope Versus Trump
09 Feb 2017
Labour demands a review of Government ending of Dubs Amendment scheme
09 Feb 2017
Labour has to listen to the nation – that’s why I voted for article 50
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