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Labour’s values, which we can all unite around, are jobs, growth and prosperity. Immigration policy must fit into t…
21 Feb 2018


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09 Feb 2018
The government is risking another Grenfell disaster
08 Feb 2018
Tory Immigration Policy Is In The Mire. It's Time For A Rational Approach
08 Feb 2018
Diane Abbott responds to the latest ONS data on violent crimes
07 Feb 2018
I’ve had plenty of online abuse, but I still don’t think MPs deserve special treatment
06 Feb 2018
The struggle for women’s empowerment has some way to go
01 Feb 2018
International Students Enrich Us All
31 Jan 2018
The Tory Government has broken its pledge to protect police funding
26 Jan 2018
There may be no universal remedy to violent crime, but Scotland and the Netherlands have put policies in place that are working.
25 Jan 2018
Crime figures are truly shocking and should put an end to Government complacency
19 Jan 2018
This new attempt to address the refugee crisis in Calais is in reality an admission of failure
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