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@thompsonaft Also £40,000 household income could be two people earning less than the average wage.
29 Aug 2016


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09 Aug 2016
If the state has deprived someone of their liberty and they then die under detention, their death must be reported to a coroner
08 Aug 2016
The Tory Government’s failure to deal with nursing shortage is putting patients at risk - Diane Abbott
05 Aug 2016
Government Wants to Plan the NHS on an Imaginary Scenario
31 Jul 2016
A Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Party can best take the fight to the Tories, win the next election and give us a pathway out of austerity
28 Jul 2016
Delaying the Fight Against Childhood Obesity Means We Risk Sleepwalking Into a Public Health Crisis
27 Jul 2016
BBC revelations show the completely false economy of the Tory Government of under-funding the NHS
21 Jul 2016
The Annual Report and Accounts for the Department of Health represent a catalogue of Tory failure and the NHS is suffering as a result
20 Jul 2016
This new policy is being driven by cost-cutting rather than patient needs
19 Jul 2016
Trident is a colossal, dangerous waste of money
19 Jul 2016
Tories Are Ripping The Heart Out Of Our NHS
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