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20 Jun 2019

London Schools and the Black Child

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London Schools and the Black Child (LSBC) is an initiative I started during the 1990s
as a way to try and tackle the problem of educational under-attainment amongst London's Black students.

This initiative is still going strong and, to date, has had many pleasing successes. Perhaps the biggest of these being the 2003 launch of the 'Aiming High' programme, the first ever government programme for supporting educational achievement among Afro-Caribbean pupils.

Every year, with the Mayor of London, I co-host a London-wide conference to bring together teachers, children, parents, educators and relevant groups. Together we discuss the obstacles and solutions for increasing educational attainment in London and beyond. As well as this, I also host an anunal, London-wide awards to recognise and celebrate those black students who have manage to excel and impress academically.

Since begining the LSBC initiative, i have witnessed amazing changes in black educational attainment across London and the UK. The achievement gap has been steadily narrowing and black children have made serious progress in schools. In addition, more black teachers are being recruited to industry than ever before, helping London's teaching workforce to look more like the communities they serve.

I am very proud of these achievements, but there is still very much to do. It is still the case that black boys are more likely to be excluded from school than their peers, and studies continue to highlight the disproportionately negative treatment black children are given in the education system, from pre-school assessment right through to the crucial secondary years. These are issues I continue to campaign for through the LSBC initiative.

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