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20 Mar 2019

Local Demographics

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The most recent 2011 Census records a population of 128,500 people living in Hackney North and Stoke Newington.

In the London Borough of Hackney, over 25% of the population in 2011 were under 20 years old. The largest 4-year age group was 25-29 at 13.7% of the population, or 33800 people.

The population is ethnically diverse. Of the resident population 36.2% of people describe themselves as White British. 18.2% are in other White ethnic groups, 23.1% are Black or Black British, 10.5% are Asian or Asian British, 6.4% describe themselves as 'Mixed', and 5.3% as 'Other'.

Migrants born in EU countries comprise 12% of Hackney’s population, with Polish born residents making up the largest single community within this group at 1.7%. Residents born in Turkey represent 3.6% of Hackney’s population and are the largest single migrant group in the borough, followed by Nigeria at 2.7% and Jamaica 1.8%.

The 2001 census also shows Christianity is the biggest religion in Hackney, with 38.6% Christian; 14% Muslim; 6.3% Jewish; and 3.1% belonging to other religions. A further 28.2% stated no religion, and 9.6% did not state a religion.

Of the people of working age in Hackney, 62.5% were employed and 16.8% were claiming benefits. Of the population who were economically active 11.3% were unemployed and. 10% of the whole population were living on pensions. 26% of householders are owner–occupiers.

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