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24 Nov 2014
Hackney Happenings

Around Hackney

On the 09/11/2014 I attended a fantastic thanksgiving service at the Upper Clapton United Reform Church for Rev. John Macaulay's 21st Anniversary.

I have known John for many years and was very happy to celebrate the work of such a dynamic pastor and key pillar of the community!

Health Matters
Visit to St. Joseph's Hospice

At the beginning of November I visited Hackney's St. Joseph's Hospice to get a first hand look at the fantastic work the team of specialist doctors, nurses, social workers and other skilled staff and volunteers, that provide excellent care for anyone with serious or life threatening conditions. These services are essential to our community and our provided both in the hospice and in patient's homes. 
It was a great opportunity to discover more about the hard work of the staff and hear more about the fascinating history of the hospice that has been here in Hackney since 1905. 

Diane Abbott MP- London: A Tale of Two Cities
London is richer, more vibrant and more multicultural than at any time in history. There has also never been more poverty in our midst. On 22/10/2014 Diane Abbott MP addressed this rising inequality in London at the London School of Economics in a speech as part of the LSE's public lecture series with the Department of Government.
Advice Surgery for Constituents

Do you live in Hackney North and Stoke Newington? And do you have a housing, immigration or welfare rights problem? Come to see me and my staff for confidential advice. To book an appointment call my senior caseworker George on: 0207 219 4330 or email

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